29 minutes is all it takes! Start your journey on our one of-a-kind circuit training designed to condition your body, build strength, burn calories and improve flexibility. With our circuit training program, you no longer have to slog it out for hours on end, just spend less than 29 minutes at 16 different stations consisting of strength training and cardio aiming at various sections of your body.

Exercise in a non-Intimidating Environment

Our women only gym ensures you can move around worry free and not have be self conscious. You’ll be surrounded by women just like you; real women who are beautiful inside and out. You’ll also be able to enjoy the guidance of our female trainers who truly know what it’s like to be a woman and struggle with the same issues you have. They’ll provide you all the advice you need to pursue a holistic approach to health and fitness.


Save Time

Are you a busy working woman? Well, now you can get a holistic workout in just 29 minutes. Our unique circuit rotation system ensures that you won’t have to wait in line to use any of the equipment and everyone proceeds in a systematic manner so that you can finish your workout in record time.


Customized and Personalized

All circuit training programs can be modified to fit your personal needs, whether you’re trying to tone your body , lose weight, strengthen, increase flexibility and mobility or increase stamina, the circuit can be adjusted to fit your specific goals.


Coach and Track

Our expert trainers are always on hand to coach you through the training routines throughout our operating hours at no extra charge. We will also help you track your progress periodically to ensure you’re progressing in the right direction. Based on the outcome of your evaluation, we will improve your training regimen to ensure that you meet your goal. You get complimentary guidance and tracking at no extra charges whatsoever.